Major Elevator Corp., a New York based company servicing all 5 boroughs of New York is a family owned and operated Company

Elevator Modernization and Elevator Preventive Maintenance

Repair - Preventive Maintenance – Modernization - Installation

We are an approved New York City licensed inspection agency with a complete in house ECB, PVT, CAT1 & CAT5 department. 

Elevator Modernization

Elevator Modernization is the process of upgrading critical parts of the elevator. These parts are upgraded to handel the new technology which has better performance and safety standards keeping the elevator up to date and in code compliance.

Major Elevator Corp., a New York elevator service company will create an elevator modernization plan after assessing your current equipment to determine which parts need modernization.

Elevator modernization usually includes critical parts of the elevator such as:

  • The Controller Equipment-Controls the movement of the elevator through the floors
  • Hoist Machines and Motors-Does all the heavy lifting
  • Electrical Wiring and Buttons-Controls the lights, Floor destination, opening and closing of door, ect.
Elevator Preventive Maintenance

Elevator preventative maintenance is the process of ensuring that the risk of accidents is minimized. By regular elevator maintenance the condition of the elevator is analyzed and a risk assessment can be determined  reducing the probability of accidents.

Major Elevator Corp., provides inspection and testing of elevators which include:

  • CAT 1 (Rule 103-02) Inspection Cycle- This inspection/test must be performed and filed with the Elevator Division between January 1st and December 31st of each calendar year regardless of the anniversary date of the device.
  • Cat 5 Inspection and Testing-This is a full load inspection test conducted every 5 years. Test must be performed by an Approved Elevator Inspection Agency and witnessed by an Approved Agency not affiliated with the agency performing the inspection.


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